Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crabby on the Collectivo 3

This post should more likely be called gross on the collectivo but it still fits in nicely with my Crabby on the Collectivo series.
I spend a lot of my time on public transportation, which means I see people do a lot of crazy shiz on public transportation. Here are two of the outstanding events from the past week or so:
1. I was waiting for the train, sitting on a bench on the platform. A woman sits down next to me, and starts digging around in her purse. She pulls out a q-tip, licks it, and then proceeds to sit there cleaning out her ears. I was just staring at her horrified (who cleans their ears in a public place?? let alone sitting so close to a complete stranger??). When she was done digging for gold she threw the dirty q-tip onto the train track. lovely, just lovely.
2. This next one is gross too, but its more a hilarious example of the things that parents will do when they're stuck in a bind. The other day I was on the subway when I saw this father get off at a stop with his preschool-aged child. She was obviously screaming that she had to go to the bathroom and NOW. There on the subway platform he pulled her pants down and held her basket-style over a wastebasket that was hanging from the station wall. The train pulled away and I cracked up laughing. Some poor subway worker is in for a nasty surprise when he has to take the garbage out...

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