Thursday, March 31, 2011

Buenos Aires Graffiti Tour

As part of my job, I basically get to organize cool things that I've always wanted to do in Buenos Aires, and get work to pay for me to do them. Also, I bring a ton of students along. Anyways, one of the coolest things that we've done so far is a Graffiti tour. Buenos Aires is filled with all sorts of amazing street art, and I'd always wanted to go around and document it. An enterprising group of individuals realized that many people always wanted to do exactly that, so they started up a graffiti tour. They also maintain relationships with all the artists, so they give you background info on each of the works. Here's one of my favorites, but also check out my facebook for a complete album.

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  1. AH! I met those girls who started it at Jeremey's house!!! SO much admiration goin their way. Where is the above photo taken??