Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crabby on the Collectivo 2

The other day I was on the collectivo (public bus) and I saw this woman with a hard-core sourpuss face on. What was interesting about this particular crabby collectivo-rider was that she had obviously had insane amounts of plastic surgery. she was nipped and tucked every which way possible (maybe her face was just stuck that way from a botched procedure??)
Anyways, I got to wondering-- why is someone who has the money to have so much plastic surgery riding the bus? where is her car??? In the US, if someone has the money to have plastic surgery they surely have a car as well. I just couldn't stop thinking, what happened to her finances that she is forced to ride the public bus? did she spend all her money on surgeries??? did she have some sort of fall from grace??
I guess maybe the more interesting question is: is plastic surgery considered such a necessity in porteño life that one would chose to spend their money on that rather than a car? Plastic surgery does seem to be far more prevalent here than in the US...

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