Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When my family came to visit one of the places we went to was Bariloche, in Argentina's beautiful lake region. The landscape was gorgeous - stunning blue lakes set below the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Bariloche is a strange place though- its like a little German town. The architecture is Swiss/German (see picture), all the street names are German, there are Saint Bernarnds with little beer barrels around their necks placed in every plaza for your cliché photo op convenience. Bariloche is famous for their excellent quality beer and chocolate.

The thing that makes me slightly uncomfortable about Bariloche is its history- the town was founded by former Nazis who came to Argentina in an attempt to escape punishment for their crimes. Is it wrong to support the decedents of former Nazis by buying their delicious chocolates???


  1. The Torah takes several (and opposite) views on the whole "sins of the father" thing, so if God herself is confused, I think you are in the clear to buy (or not buy) the delicious chocolates.

  2. hahaha thanks for the clarification!!! i'll no longer feel guilty about consuming massive amounts of chocolate from bariloche :)