Sunday, August 15, 2010

such cultchahhhhh

So lately I've been trying to take more advantage of all the cultural opportunities available to me here in BA. I was starting to feel pretty lame for living in a city with so much culture, yet spending most of my time working, watching TV (have you guys been seeing the new episodes of Mad Men??), eating disgusting amounts of food, or hanging out with friends. These activities, while all wonderful in their own right, can be done anywhere. Right now, as I have the good fortune to live in a big city with lots of activities available to me, I figured I should get my act together and start getting some cultchah. Here in Buenos Aires there's a vibrant theater scene (Avenida Corrientes is kinda like the Broadway of South America), museums, galleries, a million restaurants (most of which I cant afford), and of course lots of clubs.
Last Wednesday I went with a group of friends to see this show called Fuerza Bruta. It was AMAZING. Seriously, you should all go on youtube and search Fuerza Bruta, there are some videos up. I think the best way to describe it is like Cirque du Soliel but even more cracked out and with lots of audience participation. The entire time I was watching the show I just kept thinking, "soooo this is what taking acid is like". They do crazy visual stunts, like the performers walking on the walls. They come in to the crowd and dance with you and break these boards filled with confetti over your heads. My favorite part was when the performers were in this pool that was lowered down above the crowd. They slid across the pool (kinda like a slip and slide) and walked on water, etc (picture above). The show tours all around the world so make sure you go see it if it ever comes to your city. Its seriously one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
Last night, continuing our cultural tour, we went out dancing at this club (I'm gonna do a post on this later). It actually turned out to be this reggae concert, which was fun even though the performers were not that good. Well, either way, I'm counting it as culture. Tomorrow is a holiday (we have an insane number of holidays here), so instead of my usual Monday night classes I'm going to La Bomba de Tiempo, this huge drumming concert that takes place every Monday in a former warehouse. August is Tango Month (or so say the posters all over town featuring a woman who looks shockingly like RuPaul), so I think I'll also try to go to some of the free tango shows downtown. Maybe I'll go see a show in the theater? Maybe I'll sit on my couch and watch 16 and Pregnant like I usually do? Who knows? The possibilities are endless...

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  1. have you checked out the website or something like that. just search ba festivals. There are schedules for all the free festivels including Tango month. Last year I went and watched dance practice in the old harrods building, it was amazing