Monday, August 23, 2010

argentine medicine

One thing that's interesting about living in a different country is that you get to see how different medical systems work. For example, as I've told some of you already, here, the pharmacist has a much more active role in your care. A far greater quantity of drugs are available over the counter here so anytime I feel sick, I just go to the pharmacist, tell him my symptoms, and he (or she) gives me the medication.
This Saturday, my boyfriend had to get his wisdom teeth pulled. The dentist instructed him to go to the pharmacy an hour before surgery to get some medication. What was surprising was when we arrived at the pharmacy it turned out that said medication was in the form of a shot, and was to be delivered by the pharmacist (they had a special room in the back for shots). So, Hugo disappears with the pharmacist into the little room. As he's having oral surgery, I'm assuming its a shot of Novocaine that is going in his gums. About a minute later, the pharmacist opens the door and walks out. Hugo is standing there, half bent over the table, with a pained look on his face, clutching one ass cheek. He limps out into the pharmacy. "What happened??", I ask, desperately trying not to laugh. "They gave me the shot in the butt", he whimpers. At this point I completely lose it and start laughing uncontrollably (I know, I'm a terrible girlfriend). I was just so surprised! I thought that only happened in the movies... do we still give people shots in the butt???

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