Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Roomie

In other news, I have a new roommate! The day after we got back to Buenos Aires, Pame (my old roommate) moved to the US where she will be working as an Au Pair for a year. I moved in to Pame's old room and am sooooo excited to have a real bed again! We live by the train, and sometimes when it would pass by, Hugo would jump in his sleep, and due to the incredibly close quarters, punch me in the face. Let me tell you, waking up to a screeching train and a punch in the face is not the most pleasant way to get up in the morning, so the extra space is much appreciated.

Anyways, Agostina, my new roommate, is impossibly sweet. She came and re-painted the entire apartment before she moved in! She's also been buying a lot of little things to give the house a more homey feel. It was funny having Agostina move in because she came with a moving truck! Any moves I've ever made in my adult life (and there have been over a dozen) have either involved me shoving everything I could into my car and driving it up to Ithaca, or me shoving everything I could into the two suitcases I was allowed to bring on an international flight. It was kind of shocking to see how much stuff she has! Most of my friends are also in the "everything I own must fit into two suitcases" club, so we simply don't hold on to things that long. When I finish a book, I give it away to someone else, or trade it with them for a new one. Anything I buy, I always think, "Am I going to be able to fit this in my suitcases?"


  1. I have to admit it, I really... REALLY enjoy reading your blogs... Its easier to read you than to hear you, JAJAJAJA, your english is too fast and mine's soooo sloooooow... Next time I'll make my best effort... Say hello to Hugo...

  2. awwwww alvaritoooo me alegro! la próxima vez intentaré hablar más despacio. un beso!

  3. ahh, two suit cases. I miss that. When I got home and looked in my closet I was overwhelmed by choices and had no idea how to pick out what to wear.