Monday, October 4, 2010

coming to (North) America!

After a 7 month absence, I'll be taking a brief trip to NY!
Here are the deets:
Binghamton/Ithaca from October 10-15 or 16 am.
NYC: October 16-17.
If you're around send me a text (or call--- do people still do that in the States? We don't here because cell phone calls are super expensive). I'd love to see you all!!!!!

Foods that I want to eat (keep in mind that I earn my salary in pesos so feel free to treat me):
1. Leroys (I mean any good West-side kid HAS to crave that). Also I'd like some good New York-style pizza.
2. Bagels (any good Jew has to crave that)
3. China Lake (ditto to the Jew thing)
4. Mac and cheese
5. Delgados/ any good Mexican food
6. good diner breakfast. I'm talkin pancakes, french toast, bacon, etc. MAPLE SYRUP.
7. chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream
8. Indian food!!!! I would do just about anything for a samosa and some saag paneer.
9. Shawarma
10. Wings and/or ribs. also corn bread. ok, I want dinosaur bbq. b alt this one is aimed at you.

1 comment:

  1. ahh!!! maybe I could swing a visit to NYC???!!! except that I'm already going this weekend...send me your number via the face. I actually have a real job, with real benefits and a real pay check, in dooolllllars, so if I saw you I would love to buy you any of the above!!!