Thursday, September 30, 2010

ohhhh paula

So the other day I was indulging my food porn addiction and looking at one of my favorite sites for everything heart-attack inducing, That was where I came upon this little gem: Paula Deen's deep-fried butter balls. Its literally little balls of butter that are frozen, and then battered and fried. You can see the recipe here:
My friend Kevin has this theory that Paula Deen secretly (slash not so secretly) works for a butter conglomerate. I'm becoming more and more convinced that he's right. I mean I love that Paula takes liberties with those trans-fats. I also love how on those travel episodes, where she goes to places like France or Italy, she gets plastered on the local wine and then attempts to sloppily make out with the men who work in the markets as her big-bearded husband awkwardly looks on. I also loved that time where she randomly had Jimmy Carter on the show and called him Mista Jimmy every three seconds and flirted with him so much that he became visibly uncomfortable. Classic Paula.
But really Paula... deep-fried butter balls? I don't know if you've heard but America is suffering from an obesity epidemic. You just took your show from bubbly Southern to semi-homicidal. Shame, shame Paula. Shame, shame.


  1. I'm not saying Paula's cooking is healthy, but let's not maker her out to be worse than she is. There are no transfats in butter, and her food is delicious. We cannot discount the number of human souls she has helped with that fattening food.

  2. I saw her in Juneau the first month I was here! Still not really sure why seeing as all our dairy has to be imported...

  3. I am having a hard time even believing this. Did she get really high one day and think to herself, "Oh My goooooood (read with SOuthern accent). You know what would be crazy? Frying butter itself!!???" and then she actually published the recipe. THis one should go on