Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Say what now?

So one thing that I've noticed as of late is that many curse words (well actually curse phrases) here have to do with whores and/or their mothers. First, there's the classic "hijo de puta", literally "son of a whore", but more meaning "son of a bitch". There's lots of good ones though. For example, when she stubs her toe, Pame (my Argentine roommate) shouts "La puta madre!!!!!" which literally translates to "the whore's mother!". Can you imagine shouting that in English? How funny would that be? I think when I move back to the States, I'm gonna keep using that one, but in English. Another good one is "la concha de tu madre" which translates to "your mother's pussy". The other day, watching the World Cup, Messi (the best player on the Argentina team) missed a shot on goal, and the camera zoomed in on him clearly screaming "la concha de tu madre!!!!". Can you you imagine if Kobe missed a shot, looked into the camera, and shouted "your mother's pussy!!!". I think I would die laughing.


  1. I will never look at Lionel the same!!!

    Can we get a post about the World Cup environment there. They just won, so whats the celebration like? What do they think of Maradona as coach?

  2. you forgot my favorite!!! La concha de la lora!!!!
    The parrot's pussy!!!!!!